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A hub of connectivity seeking out authentic, passionate people.

In-House Recruitment

Ideal for companies staffing up; we place an AIP employee in your offices to understand and assess the needs of your group and provide a constant funnel of talent: fee structure resembles a FT employee without the hassle of benefits or bonuses.

Global Recruitment

There is not a market that we have not been successful at uncovering talent in. Whether it has been to import technical talent from India to Singapore, or finding senior consulting hires across the US; our team is equipped to uncover the best talent across the globe.

Freelance Recruitment

With growing need for fluid staff, tight budgets, hiring freezes, and short term projects, we can partner with your business to not only find the best talent but also house their payroll.

Our network is your network.

We want people to tap into our network to benefit themselves and their businesses.

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A refreshingly different approach to connecting exceptional people and building exceptional teams.

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Not your typical recruiter

We offer a refreshingly different approach to connecting great people and building great teams. We partner with clients to provide people optimization solutions and HR strategies.