About Us

Building exceptional teams by connecting great people

Authentic conversations is where it starts.

To help clients connect to exceptional talent, we go deep. We work hard to really understand what makes both parties driven to succeed to ensure an exceptional fit well into the future.

An in person briefing is a must; we’re in the business of people. We meet with the client and have thorough discussions (call it interrogations) to uncover the true requirements and fit for the role(s). We do the same with every candidate. There are no algorithms that uncover the perfect person and the perfect fit; it happens because we get very connected on both ends. We prioritize the job requirements and as a result ensure the best match between talent and employer.

The advantage in working with the team at AIP is how direct you can be about your desired salary, knowledge, and experience. It’s truly in our best interest to authentically represent candidates and companies to ensure success well into the future. We don’t waste time (ours or yours) and we are transparent regarding fit and skill gaps both to our client and candidates. In turn, if a client isn’t sure what their actually looking for, we help bring that clarity through smart targeted conversations.

We’re not your typical recruiter.


We’re all too familiar with receiving junior offers when you’re a senior in the industry. Why would an AVP accept a supervisor or ABM role?


We understand what is required for the role you’re looking to fill. We prioritize the skills with you to ensure the candidate(s) meet the role’s skill priorities and more importantly will ‘fit’ with the team.


While we are hired by clients to fill roles, we feel equally committed to ensuring we have the candidate’s best interests at the heart of everything we do. Candidates are NOT treated as a commodity or forced into a role they won’t be proficient in. We’re here to set people up for success.


No automated calls or emails. We spend the time going over everyone’s resume in detail.


We understand how hard people work to get to where they are. It’s in our best interest to ensure the candidate is remunerated fairly, be it title progression, compensation, or extra perks – we’re committed to ensuring people get what they deserve.


Your location is a big factor in the roles we offer you, some like to commute, some don’t. We cover this information early on in the process to ensure it’s a great fit.

We are a team of born connectors.

Each member of the AIP team strives to bring like-minded people together.