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Welcome to AIP – your niche specialty team

Building teams by connecting great people

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Connectivity Hub

AIP works to connect you with the best talent available

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We understand your need for top talent and the needs of top talent

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When we’re building a team we strive to bring together similar qualities while ensuring a complementary skill-set comprised of like-minded people.

of sales and marketing recruiting experience

The AIP team are deeply networked in marketing and sales, each having worked in the space prior to being recruiters.

We are more than just a recruitment company. We partner with clients providing people optimization solutions and HR strategies.

We are a team of born connectors. Each member of the AIP team strives to bring like-minded people together.

We get people – let us help you to get your employee’s working more efficiently and in the most profitable way.


Our Process
  1. Identify client needs during an in-depth discovery process, to help our team understand your business, culture, and overall objectives which helps our team determine the best talent match.
  2. We select talent from our proprietary database, the client’s competitive landscape, social media, conferences and events
  3. Meet with the talent and assess fit against our customized calibration grid created uniquely for each search
  4. Present a detailed list of pre-qualified talent profiles to client
  5. Arrange meetings with talent and clients
  6. Conduct thorough reference checks from a variety of sources including the people they’ve worked for, their peers and people who reported to them
  7. Facilitate negotiations between candidates and client
  8. Fill the role! (with a guarantee)
  9. Continue contact with the employee through a 30, 90, 150 day ‘employee check-in’ review to ensure a smooth transition.
Workplace Optimization

We get People – let us help you to get your talent working more efficiently and in the most profitable way with:

  • Customized job descriptions, balanced scorecards, interview questions, performance, job evaluations
  • Compensation evaluations – review and expectations against current industry standards
  • Training & development – legislation education, management, consulting
  • Change management / welcome orientation packages / exit interviews / outplacement services
  • Workplace Investigations / Employee Relations – incident, conflict management, mediation
  • Employee Handbooks -Health & Safety Manuals
  • Coaching-personal development – resume coaching
In-house Recruiting

Ideal for companies staffing up; we place an AIP employee into your offices to understand and assess the needs of your group and provide a constant funnel of talent: fee structure resembles a FT employee without the hassle of benefits, bonus etc.

  • Staffing Consultant / Business Partner
  • Advising our clients on where they fit in the marketplace / their positioning and ways to attract the best talent
  • Market Audit / Competitive Matrix
  • Agency recalibration / build the ‘dream team’
  • Employee / Cultural Audits / Staff Gap Analysis / Org Chart Assessment

Let’s Build Your Next Team