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We’re not your typical recruiters.

We care about your career and its advancement.

The primary reason AIP came to exist in the first place was because we wanted to fill the disconnect between the needs of the client and your ambitions.

The recruiting business model is fundamentally flawed because head-hunters aggressively try to fill the seat as opposed to filling the role. This doesn’t work out for the talent or the client.

Our profit is directly linked to your success. It only makes sense to keep your best interests at the heart of everything we do. We stay connected with you long after you’ve taken or declined the role because we value every relationship we make.

Talent is the face of our success.

“We’re looking for a rock star ________”

If you’re a rock star, unicorn, or game-changer you’ve definitely heard this line before. We’re candid about what the role offers you and why you’d be interested.

“The project is really interesting”

We’re upfront about what the role is and whom it is with. Withholding the source only leads to confusion. We also give you the full breakdown of what the roles expectations are and what to expect from your working environment.

“That’s over our budget”

Your salary is a sensitive topic so we carefully work out salary expectations between the client and the candidate early in the process.

“We’re looking for 15 years of experience in 15 different skills”

We do our research on the skills the client wants and accurately share the reality of what exists in the market.

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Our Process


Send us your resume

Send us your resume

Identify the ideal next move and your salary range


Connect with AIP

Connect with AIP

After carefully reviewing your resume we’ll set up a phone call, Skype, or Facetime to discuss what you’ve been working on and what you’d like to work on.


Interested in a Role?

Interested in a Role?

We will provide our client with an outline of your strengths, experience and why we think you would be a great fit for the role.

Search Current Roles

The Interview

The Interview

With both parties interested we will move to set up an interview as quickly as possible. We will conduct a reference check prior to your client meeting.




AIP follows up with the client and the talent to provide direct and honest feedback.


Receive Offer

Receive Offer

  1. If an offer is extended, AIP acts as a 3rd party between the client and candidate when going over the intricacies of the contract to ensure you have a trusted advisor through process.
  2. Once you’ve been hired, we stay involved with our employee engagement process and through our 30, 90, 150 day check-in’s we ensure that the transition to a new job goes as smoothly as possible.