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Nicol Kalman, C.E.O & Founder

  • Work Journey

    Enjoyed most of my first 17+ years as a marketer both in agency and at a global beverage company, culminating with a game-time decision of becoming a partner in a Multi-National ad agency – which I declined. This evolved into a career pivot where I realized I wanted to market people I believed in, rather than brands. Today I focus on networking. I’ve had the opportunity to connect hundreds of exceptional people to great companies where they’ve worked to further their careers. Through this journey, I have experienced the fun & pain, inspiration & desperation, and trials & tribulation of all aspects of work/life.

    Proud of

    Being a dedicated mother and (hopefully) positive role model to my almost adult children. By being authentic to myself and who I am, I have had the courage (insanity) to stop/change/elevate myself through what appeared to be difficult situations and now lead a team of 10 as an entrepreneur focused on making a difference in peoples’ lives. aNIthing is Possible (AIP) if you MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

    What other people say about Nicol

    Authentic, natural, provocative. Feel somehow better after talking with her about life, kids, love, work – no matter how direct (i.e. painful) and straightforward the conversation. I love the no B.S. approach – so refreshingly honest, I want more!

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